Because our units are designed to be stackable or be placed back-to-back, you can configure them in a way that suits you. Whatever you choose, our speedy build and delivery means you’ll be snug and warm in your new home in a fraction of the time a conventional build would take. The only limit is your imagination!
Arrange a modular home the way you want to – and add to it at a pace that suits you. Need more room as your family grows? Adding another unit to a container home is a lot cheaper than building an extension on a more traditional brick-built house. Freedom and flexibility come as standard with our modular design, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional houses.
Space and Economy
Our container homes offer a huge living space, especially when placed next to each other. Just two containers next to each other can offer a living space of up to 24’ x 44’ – the size of a two-bedroom bungalow at a fraction of the cost! You won’t find a more cost-effective and economical alternative to bricks and mortar.
Living in shipping containers is becoming a fashionable and contemporary alternative to traditional housing, and the flexibility they offer means that you can make your space your own with stylish décor and modern appliances. We can provide a range of different colours and finishes to suit all tastes, and our designers will work with you to give you a home with a real ‘wow’ factor.


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