Can the container home be placed on any surface? 
Container homes can be placed on a wide range of surfaces. Container homes are self-supporting and do not need any special foundations.

Do I need to connect the container home to the main water supply?

Yes, container homes will need to be connected to the main water supply. You can, therefore, have domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers installed in the home.

How does drainage work in container homes?

It can be connected to an effluent tank if you don’t have mains sewerage connected.

Can I get a bank loan/mortgage for a container home?

Of course. A mortgage is simply a loan of money with land or property as collateral. Container houses are bought via the same process as conventional housing; mortgages are readily available and purchase of the property will include the freehold or leasehold of the land.

Do they have a resale value?  

Yes, we are constantly asked about second hand units, but as we are a manufacturer we simply don’t have them. We only sell new units but there is a market for preowned units.

How easy are they to heat/keep cool?

Container homes are easy to heat and keep cool. Our units have insulation and ventilation that meet current building regulations for new dwellings (L1A).

Are container homes secure?

Container homes are, arguably, more secure than any brick-built house. None of our container homes have ever had a loss or a break in.

Can I rent a shipping container home?

We currently don’t offer container homes for rent.

How are they delivered?

When you place an order with us we will arrange delivery with you. All of our container homes are delivered on HIAB vehicles that are fitted with their own crane to provide easy off-loading. The delivery trucks require a delivery site with ample access and solid ground.

How long would I need to wait for delivery?

Current lead times from the placement of an order for a new container home are 12 weeks.

How large will the vehicle delivering the container home be?

The HIAB vehicles that we use to deliver the container homes are 55’ long and as wide as the unit itself.

Do you arrange site surveys to cover lorry access?

Although this is generally the responsibility of the customer, we can organise for the transport company to come and survey the site access in exceptional cases.

Can I come and view a show home?

Yes, we have a 40’ x 12’ show home at our Epping Depot that you are welcome to come and look around.

Can I choose the colour of my container?

Yes, we manufacture container homes in 195 different colours.

What is the life expectancy of a container home?

Your container home can be expected to last at least 60 years.

How long have you been providing container homes?

We have been making accommodation units for nearly 40 years.


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