Container housing unit clad in wood
Double bed in container building bedroom
Two women watching television in container home lounge
Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
container house lounge
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
container building shower and toilet

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Benefits for charities, NGOs and churches


MAC container homes provide a realistic opportunity for charitable organisations to:

  • Revitalise communities with small housing developments to suit a wide range of demographics: elderly, single people, students and young families
  • Make charity funding go much further.¬†Check our prices¬†for a MAC container home for temporary accommodation and permanent dwellings fully compliant with building regulations.
  • Accommodate people rapidly. A MAC container home can be built, delivered and installed in just 12 weeks, ready to move into with minimal site preparation time and cost
  • Build and store a stock of homes that can be called off to deal with housing emergencies. All you pay is the cost of the homes themselves
  • Mount small housing projects to help just a few individuals or families
  • Relieve overcrowding in accommodation housing asylum seekers, parolees and recovering mental health patients
  • Reduce the dependence on expensive B&B accommodation
  • Restore a sense of dignity and pride by providing independent living for people with shattered lives
  • Bring derelict, hard-to-develop urban brownfield sites unsuitable for traditional construction projects back to life
  • Encourage local organisations to invest in charitable housing projects and provide additional units for amenities such as playgroups, community centres, gyms, health centres and corner shops
  • Link, stack and stagger multiple units to create entire villages or blocks of accommodation, incorporating communal indoor and outdoor space and other local amenities to encourage a sense of community and shared interests