Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
Exterior view of window with shutter of a green container home
Double bed in container building bedroom
Woman with coffee mug reading a magazine in container home kitchen/diner area
Two women watching television in container home lounge
Container home shower room and toilet
Table and chairs in container home kitchen/diner area
Front of container building with windows and door
Woman in kitchen area of container housing unit
Double bed in container building bedroom
Interior view of container housing unit kitchen area unfurnished
View of kitchen area from lounge area of a container home
Interior of container housing unit showing kitchen and lounge/dinning area
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
Container apartments interior
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Council tax


Living in a container provides all the home comforts of a conventional bricks and mortar home, but without the attendant high operating costs and council tax.

Regardless of where you site it, a MAC container home will be valued for council tax purposes just like a traditionally built house. However, at a maximum price of just £37,250 (includes VAT), its sub-£40,000 purchase price usually puts it into the lower bands. More about prices.

Slate grey container building


The local authority will take into account more expensive-to-run surrounding properties and amenity, and the kerb appeal of the area. For homes designated band A, council tax averages out at around £1,000 a year across the UK. You will have all the benefits of a conventionally built home, with lower maintenance and running costs.

  • A purpose-built home with all modern conveniences, for a fraction of the price, at the same council tax rates as your conventional brick neighbours
  • An opportunity to get a mortgage or personal loan, subject to your circumstances
  • Ownership of all or part of the freehold or leasehold of the land
  • Lower energy costs, particularly in homes built to building regulations
  • Very little maintenance, other than a fresh coat of paint
  • An incentive for planners to look favourably upon your plans. Container homes offer an extra opportunity for local authorities to collect council tax on sites that are not suitable for permanently built estates or larger homes.
Internal view of lounge area of container building and door leading to another room

Find out more about running costs and finding land for your MAC container home.