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container house lounge
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
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MAC Container Homes for Charities


Charities, non-government organisations (NGOs) and church groups play a key role in providing temporary shelter for homeless, disabled and other disadvantaged people.

MAC Container Homes are leaders in providing both temporary and permanent housing solutions for tackling pockets of housing shortage and homelessness. Our homes aim to provide long-term shelter for people evacuated from buildings and areas permanently damaged by fire, flood and other extreme events.

These container homes can be built, delivered and installed within 12 weeks. The time and expense of using other temporary accommodation such as B&B’s, empty homes, emergency public accommodation in schools & community centres, and converted shipping containers can all be forgotten with the inclusion of a MAC Container Home.

Whilst these other options cost money to restore to a standard fit for living, or are expensive as a long term solution, a MAC Container home can accommodate people quickly and provide real independent living spaces for those who have lost their home or are homeless.

A container home can have benefits for the community too – you can encourage local organisations to get involved with the cause and invest in charitable housing projects, even providing additional units to be used for amenities like gyms and corner shops.

Container housing can help not only those made homeless, but young families, the elderly, and may other demographics, all whilst making use of hard-to-develop urban brownfield sites unsuitable for traditional construction.

Check our prices for container homes, for temporary accommodation and, permanent dwellings fully compliant with building regulations.

Our container homes give you complete flexibility in terms of siting, appearance, furniture, flooring and fixtures and fittings. They make ideal pop-up villages and are modular and secure – they can even be stacked together to create entire accommodation blocks, saving both space and money and bringing together a community in need.

The Process

For an idea of how versatile our homes can be, come and visit our showroom or give us a call on 01992 238430.

We will be on hand throughout the whole build and delivery process, from helping you choose your site to your layout. All we require is a 25% deposit.

We’ll assess your chosen site’s ability to hold a container home, but as they’re self supporting units, minimal preparation is required.

Your container home will be delivered to your standards by HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB) vehicles fitted with a crane for easy off loading, ready to move in. Once we’ve checked you’re completely happy with your container home we will take any outstanding payments.

For further advice and guidance on securing a MAC container home for a charitable cause, contact our team today.

And to explore your options, visit our planning permission and personalisation pages.

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