Double bed in container building bedroom
Double bed in container building bedroom
Two women watching television in container home lounge
Container home shower room and toilet
Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
Container apartments interior

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Floor plans


20x8 Housing Unit1 thumbnail
20' x 8' (studio flat) £15,050 - £23,050 (incl. VAT)
Nothing basic about this lovely studio flat.
24x10.5 Housing Unit thumbnail
24' x 10.5' (1 bed/1 bath) £19,650 - £28,850 (incl. VAT)
Small and perfectly formed for a teenage or granny flat.
30x10 Accommodation Unit2 thumbnail
30' x 10' (1 bed/1 bath) £23,050 - £31,150 (incl. VAT)
Compact and efficient living space for a couple or someone living alone.
40x10-2-Bedroom with concealed lighting thumbnail
40 x 10' (2 bed/1 bath) £27,250 - £34,650 (incl. VAT)
A small family could fit nicely here and all for less than £35,000 (inc. VAT).
40x12 3 Bedroom House1 thumbnail
40 x 12' (3 bed/1 bath) £29,350 - £39,250 (incl. VAT)
This option gives you three bedrooms and a huge central living area.
44x12 Double Bedroom Housing Unit1 thumbnail44x12 Double Bedroom Housing Unit1 thumbnail
44' x 12' (2 or 3 bed/1 bath) £32,350 - £40,950 (incl. VAT)
Great family space with a choice of two or three bedrooms.
40x10 6 Sleeper 2 Bathroom Unit3 thumbnail
40' x 10' (6 bed/2 bath - sleeper) £31,350 - £43,750 (incl. VAT)
Low-cost staff accommodation combines comfort with economy.
40x10 Accommodation Sleeper Unit3 thumbnail
40' x 10' (3 bed/3 bath - sleeper) £34,550 - £48,450 (incl. VAT)
Three-bed dormitory, plus a private bedroom with good communal space.
40x9 Sleeper Unit1 thumbnail
40' x 9' (7 bed/1 bath - sleeper) £34,950 - £49,250 (incl. VAT)
Seven-bed dormitory with a shared bathroom is perfect for seasonal workers.
44x10 Sleeper Unit1 thumbnail
44' x 10' (8 bed/2 bath - sleeper) £42,750 - £48,950 (incl. VAT)
Top-of-the-range dormitory – eight sharing two bathrooms.
48x12 double accomodation block unit thumbnail
48' x 12' Double Accomodation Unit Block £46,150 (incl. VAT) up to building regs
Double Accomodation Unit Block featuring four bedrooms, two shower rooms and two lounge kitchen areas. Please note the pitched roof is an additional cost option.