Container housing unit clad in wood
Double bed in container building bedroom
Two women watching television in container home lounge
Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
container house lounge
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
container building shower and toilet

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Benefits to staff


Fully equipped MAC container homes area ideal for live-in roles and for seasonal and temporary staff.

  • Provide convenient on-site living and office accommodation for construction crews, aid workers, contractors, survey teams, fruit pickers, wardens, caretakers, housekeepers, nannies, and more
  • Attract and retain temporary and permanent employees. Warm, comfortable accommodation will be a big plus for jobseekers, especially for outdoor work or where local transport is scarce
  • Boost morale and productivity. Having a modern home of your own as part of the job creates a sense of wellbeing and a stronger work ethicĀ 
  • Accommodate crews on site. Check our current prices for sleeper units (44 feet by 10 feet) for up to 12 people, with a separate unit for kitchen, laundry, shower and toilet facilities
  • Build modern, comfortable accommodation without costly site preparation, long waits for planning permission or having to comply with building regulations
  • Reduce your tax liabilities. If accommodation is necessary or usually provided for the job, it can be set against income tax