Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
Exterior view of window with shutter of a green container home
Double bed in container building bedroom
Woman with coffee mug reading a magazine in container home kitchen/diner area
Two women watching television in container home lounge
Container home shower room and toilet
Table and chairs in container home kitchen/diner area
Front of container building with windows and door
Woman in kitchen area of container housing unit
Double bed in container building bedroom
Interior view of container housing unit kitchen area unfurnished
View of kitchen area from lounge area of a container home
Interior of container housing unit showing kitchen and lounge/dinning area
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
Container apartments interior
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Prices for a MAC container home depend on its dimensions, specification and personalisation. Superior homes are built to UK building regs.

The Difference Between Standard and Superior: Standard finish is suitable for all units that don’t need full Building Control Permissions. Superior finish units are built to full UK building regs and will provide comfortable living accommodation all year round. In addition, if you need Planning Permission the Superior Unit is constructed and insulated to meet with all the requirements of UK Building Regulations, and includes all the necessary document. If Planning Permission is not required then a Standard finish may be sufficient.

The following size/price combinations are some of the layouts we offer. We build every home to order, so we're happy to quote for any layout you like.

Size Standard home Standard home
To Building Regs
Superior home Superior home
To Building Regs
20’ x 8’ (studio flat) £15,050 £23,050 £38,150 £46,150
25’ x 10’ (1 bed/1 bath) £19,650 £28,850 £42,750 £51,950
30’ x 10’ (1 bed/1 bath) £23,050 £31,150 £46,150 £54,250
40 x 10’ (2 bed/1 bath) £27,250 £34,650 £49,650 £57,750
40 x 12’ (3 bed/1 bath) £28,850 £39,250 £51,950 £62,350
44’ x 12’ (2 or 3 bed/1 bath) £32,250 £40,950 £55,450 £62,950
48’ x 12’ (4 bed/2 bath) £34,450 £46,150 £56,950 £69,250
40’ x 10’ (3 bed/3 bath - sleeper) £34,550 £48,450 £57,650 £71,550
40’ x 9’ (7 bed/1 bath - sleeper) £34,950 £49,250 £58,050 £72,750
44’ x 10’ (8 bed/2 bath - sleeper) £42,750 £52,050 £61,150 £75,750

All prices include VAT

Delivery costs are around £895 (+VAT) for an 8' or 10' wide home, or from £1,900 (+VAT) for a building 12' wide or more.

We also build one-bedroom, 10' x 17' container homes in a studio layout with a separate bathroom and toilet, starting from £14,650 (includes VAT).

Prices for non-standard sizes are available on request.

Container home being moved into position by a crane