Container housing unit clad in wood
Double bed in container building bedroom
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Woman sitting at a table in a container home kitchen-dining room
container house lounge
Bristol Launchpad container apartments exterior
Container apartments interior
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In July 2022 the regulations changed in so far as the effect on energy performance / demand of buildings. The overall U-Values required increased, with an overall view to reduce carbon. To meet the demands of these regulations, general electric heating is now used with an upgrade to 100% Air Con and/or part Solar PV to offset this.

This ultimately has had an effect on pricing, with increased insulations, and more M+E components required such as Air Source Heat Pump and Solar PV.

Prices for a MAC container home depend on its dimensions, specification and personalisation. Superior homes are built to UK building regs.

The Difference Between Standard and Superior: Standard finish is that the Standard Unit is suitable for most Councils/Housing Associations/Affordable Housing Schemes in that they supply a good standard of accommodation and insulation, either built to full Building Control Permissions or not. Superior finish units are built to a far more luxurious standard, again, either up to Full Building Control or not, as required. if you need Planning Permission you will need these to meet with all the requirements of UK Building Regulations, and includes all the necessary document.

The following size/price combinations are some of the layouts we offer. We build every home to order, so we're happy to quote for any layout you like.

Size Standard home Standard home
To Building Regs
Superior home Superior home
To Building Regs
PDF 20’ x 8’ (studio flat) £17,050 £43,850 £38,150 £61,150
PDF 25’ x 10’ (1 bed/1 bath) £21,650 £54,000 £42,750 £66,950
PDF 30’ x 10’ (1 bed/1 bath) £28,050 £57,150 £46,150 £69,250
PDF 40 x 10’ (2 bed/1 bath) £32,250 £60,650 £49,650 £72,750
PDF 40 x 12’ (3 bed/1 bath) £36,995 £64,950 £62,350 £77,350
PDF 44’ x 12’ (2 or 3 bed/1 bath) £40,890 £67,950 £55,450 £82,950
PDF 48’ x 12’ (4 bed/2 bath) £43,450 £70,150 £56,950 £84,250
PDF 40’ x 10’ (3 bed/3 bath - sleeper) £34,550 £63,450 £57,650 £86,550
PDF 40’ x 9’ (7 bed/1 bath - sleeper) £34,950 £64,250 £58,050 £87,750
PDF 44’ x 10’ (8 bed/2 bath - sleeper) £42,750 £67,050 £61,150 £90,750

Delivery costs are around £895 (excluding VAT at 5%) for an 8' or 10' wide home, or from £1,900 (excluding VAT at 5%) for a building 12' wide or more.

We also build one-bedroom, 10' x 17' container homes in a studio layout with a separate bathroom and toilet, starting from £16,995 (excluding VAT at 5%).

Also available are combinations such as our U-shaped housing unit which is available for £106,000 in Standard or £188,000 up to Building Regs. Please contact us for other custom unit combination options

All prices exclude VAT at %5

Prices for non-standard sizes are available on request.

Container home being moved into position by a crane